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Our School, Our Stories

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Ursuline's remarkable Sesquicentennial is a testament to the strength of its enduring community, a collective of diverse individuals who have shaped its tradition and legacy.

"Our School, Our Stories" honors our shared experience within our cherished community. We hope to immortalize Ursuline's spirit through your treasured memories – your stories of personal triumph, transformative moments, lessons learned, and more. Your narratives stand as a testament to the profound impact of the Ursuline experience.

So, what story will you share? A memory with a classmate? A teacher who had a profound impact on your life? Can you trace your career path to a defining moment at Ursuline? A tradition that remains close to your heart? Did you attend Ursuline during a historical moment?

We want to hear all about it! Submit your memories and photos.

Memories from “Old Ursuline," Sybil Emmett Tucker '51

I was twelve when I was enrolled at Ursuline in the eighth grade in 1946. I had been to Catholic schools in New Orleans but this as my first time in an “all-girls” Catholic school. Mother Isabelle Adams OSU ’30 enrolled me. Her kindness and friendly manner made me feel welcome. That was the beginning of my love for Ursuline.

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An Attentive Listener, Lisa Korkmas '80

I remember visits with Mrs. (Myrna) Tenholder and all her sage advice. She not only counseled us regarding academics, but attentively listened when there were other personal teenage issues troubling me or my friends. I believe those sessions definitely help to shape us into more loving, accepting, and wiser adults.

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A Profound Influence, Cathy Civello '65

Mother Dolores Marie Ramsey had a profound influence on my life. I can only speak for the girls who were students during the first half of the '60s (the Jackie Kennedy years), but hers was the first voice we heard in the morning on the announcements and the last voice we heard on Class Day as she called out our names for graduation...

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Value of Serviam, Laura Losinger '03

One of my favorite memories is spending time volunteering at Children's Medical Center. It was an incredibly impactful experience and shaped the trajectory of my professional life. I knew I would come by to work at Children's some day to make life better for children full-time. The value of Serviam continues to be a core value for my family to serve our community.

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A Passion for Music, Lorraine Harding '75

I came to Ursuline as a freshman in 1971. In my sophomore year, I took a few of Margaret (Peggy) Railey's classes: Music Theory, private piano lessons, and Concert Choir. My passion was music and she taught me so much. If I could go back in time, I would love to see her again. Her lovely smile and the compassion she had for her students was overwhelming. 

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Becoming an Ursuline Sister, Sr. Karen Schwane, O.S.U. '60

When I was a student at Ursuline, there were boarders. There were two girls from Mexico City who were frequently invited to my home for weekends and holidays. Their family invited me to their home the summer of 1957. It was my first immersion experience in learning and using the Spanish language. I fell in love their culture and language. Spanish became my second teaching field.

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Learning to Think on My Feet, Barbara Brooks Fairfield '59

Mother Adelaide Thompson started the Debate Club and Clemence Romanet and I were her avid pupils. She was no-nonsense and hard driving. As a result, we began to expect to do well in competitions against other schools and boys. Learning how to think on my feet, express my views, and not back down are invaluable as I work with couples and families who need a strong-minded therapist to bring out the best in them. I thank Mother Adelaide for giving me the courage to stand strong when it counts!

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A Warm Welcome, Rivann Yu '03

One of my fondest memories is the warm welcome we received from classmates and teachers when my sister and I moved from France to Dallas to attend Ursuline. This community became our second family and our home away from home.

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